Vitamin C – An Essential Component of Good Health

Vitamin C isn’t just a myth when it comes to good health. It is an essential component of a healthy human body. This nutrient, also known as ascorbic acid, is found in high levels in various foods, such as oranges, apples, lemons, limes, canteloupe, broccoli, green pepper, tomatoes, and more. Of course, if you can’t get enough of this vitamin from food sources, supplements are widely available.

So what does vitamin C do for the body? It is involved with the growth and development of all body tissues and bodily functions. It boosts the immune system so that the body can fight off illness and disease. The nutrient is able to help prevent cancer, arthritis, and heart disease. It also helps with stress management and reduces the effects of stress on the body.

These functions are just the tip of the iceberg. This vitamin is crucial for every bodily system to function properly and for each person to stay healthy. For these reasons, it is vital to have enough in the system, whether through foods or supplements.

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