Dietary Supplements: Should You Take Them?

Supplements consist mainly of vitamins, minerals, herbs, fish oil, among others. You can see many advertisements of dietary supplements out there and might be thinking of taking one. But should you? And if yes, what would those supplements be?

These are important questions and should be determined with your doctor and/or nutritionist at hand. Simply buying and taking supplements because of advertised amazing benefits is not advisable. Take note, the imbalance can occur and you may not even be aware of it.

So, who should take supplements then? Most healthy people don’t need to take one. But certain people may need them due to various reasons such as age, medication required, no easy access to healthy food, etc.

If you are elderly, you will need additional aid that supplements provide in order for your body to absorb certain nutrients like Vitamins B12 and D. Likewise, some children may require supplements for proper growth and development. Other instances like being pregnant, genetic health conditions that do not allow you to absorb nutrients normally, as well as, chosen lifestyles like being a Vegan may mean that you lack certain vitamins. In such situations or if you think that you lack certain nutrients, check in with your doctor for tests and proper diagnosis and prescription.

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