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The choices we make, and why do we make them?

This is my Journey on how I lost 50+ lbs of weight loss and found my True self in the process. I’ll tell you what worked for me, and maybe it might be helpful to your Diet or Health plan, that you might already have in place, or if not I have a few suggestions that can get you started on your healthcare regimen. I started when I’d just been sick of having complication due to my weight, and restrictions I’d never had before growing up being very pro-active, playing different sports and then chasing after my kids once I became an older adult.

I didn’t really put the weight on until I had my third Daughter, Five years after I had my Twins. Then I went back and forth struggling to loose it just to put the weight back on with some extra. I was unhappy and disappointed in myself telling myself I had no control over it because that was the “Easy” way out, rather than face the “real” Truth, that I was just avoiding what was basically the main cause of most of my health issues. So I finally faced my fear of failure and told myself, You GOT This!

  1. Slowly but surely it started to become a daily routine, NO SUGAR Is The most Important thing. Then NO Bread (unless it’s whole wheat grain), & last NO Pasta, and of coarse a regular workout exercise routine (Nothing CRAZY) that you can actually stick to a few times a week, That you can fit reasonably into your weekly schedule every week. Don’t set unreal expectations for yourself, you have to take Baby-steps or your just setting yourself up for failure if you don’t, so start out Small with your weight limit goals and then build from there slowly.
  2. Your gonna feel sore for the first couple of days after your fitness workout weather it be at a Gym with a trainer helping you one on one, or an at home workout on a laptop/iPad or mobile device, or home gyms/Fitness equipment, It doesn’t matter, Rest & some Alieve/Motrin will help alleviate some of that discomfort, it’s from using muscles you haven’t used in years, some people might not have the money for a gym membership which is ok they have tons of apps out there now for at home workouts.
    I suggest a good cardio, just type Workouts into your search in the App/play Store and download it to your device.

Then there’s the Supplements you should start taking, MOST popular(for a reason, because it works)  Vitamin C , you should be taking 75.6mg-100mg a Day as an adult ages 9-13,14-18,19-30,31-50,51-70,+over 70 Years old everyday faithfully. You’ll start to wake up feeling Rejuvenated and Refreshed, More awake and Alert than ever! You have to give it a chance to work before you rule this Super Immune booster out! It enhances your mood, Boosts your immune system and many more extraordinary benifits.Theres some more good Facts about Vitamin C @, &

So be sure to check out these websites, they have tons of great Facts and info!

Another is a good Multi-Probiotic if you can find one that has Both Multi-Vitamin & Probiotic in one, the benifits to your digestive track are astonishing! So that should get you started, & I’ll be posting plenty more articles with more helpful info.


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