Summer Smoothies to Beat the Heat

Summer Smoothies Without Feeling Guilty

Summertime Smoothies to Beat the Heat that will leave you NOT feeling Guilty afterwards, but will leave you wanting more.(pic by womans

Let’s start with how Great they taste you wouldn’t even know they’re Healthy and Good for you if I wasn’t telling you so right now, they’re that delicious trust me, if I can get my 7yr old to drink them then there GOOD! I’ll leave it @that &let you judge for yourself! (I’ll leave any and all links at the bottom of this article),there’s SOO many different kinds, I’ve even got one for kids in this article but I’m only going to list Top 10 and then you can at least start to make these having some options from here.

Starting with,

1)Grape-Berry Protein Smoothie
Sweet frozen grapes are an ideal compliment to berries. Mix them together, and you’re in for an antioxidant-rich treat. Plus, when you blend grapes, you break down their skin, which further releases the fruits store of Vitamin C,Manganese and Potassium.

2)Peachy Green Protein Smoothie
While our recipe calls for frozen Peaches, you may want to swap them out for fresh
-they’re in season right now! And thanks to Kale and ground flaxseed, you’ll get a solid hit of Fiber and Heart-Healthy Omega 3 fatty acids.

3)Blueberry Mint Green Smoothie
There’s nothing better than to cool you down. Plus, this drink is packed with ultra-hydrating Coconut water,Antioxidant-rich blueberries and folate from kale leaves.*Hot Tip:Freeze the greens before blending so they mix more easily.

4)Orange Creamsicle Protein Smoothie
Make believe you’re having desert for breakfast with this ice cream-inspired drink. Just be sure to use Calcium-Fortified orange juice to get a solid hit of the mineral,and don’t forget 2 scoops of Vanilla Fuel-6 which adds 25 grams of Protein and makes this smoothie Extra creamy.

5)Mango-Blueberry Protein Smoothie
Mangoes & Blueberries are like peas and carrots:great on their own, but even better together. Mangoes are rich in vitamin A, vitamin C,dietary fiber and antioxidants,while vitamin-packed blueberries have a powerhouse of phytonutrients,which help your body ward off diseases.

6)Paleo Peach Coconut Smoothie
Don’t let the short ingredient list fool you:This Paleo-friendly smoothie is packed with nutritious goods. Full-fat coconut milk contains monounsaturated fats(which keep your heart in great shape),while peaches have folate,iron,zinc and copper. These two ingredients should make the smoothie sweet enough on its own, but add a dollop of raw,unfiltered honey if you disagree.

7)Berrylicious Smoothie*4 Kids*
This simple smoothie is great for Kids thanks to it’s basic ingredient list and sweet flavor.Frozen mixed berries serve as its base,while one Banana adds depth of texture plus a wealth of Potassium. Up the health benifits even more by choosing a Fiber-enriched Almond milk like this blogger did.

8)Key Lime Pie Protein shake
Imagine yourself on Key West, soaking up a sunset with a slice of fresh key lime pie. This smoothie is the next best thing-and for a whole lot less calories.(But alas, no sunset.) A dusting of graham cracker crumbs adds an extra hint of sweetness, and yes, that pie-like taste that’s oh so delicious.

9)Kale Pinapple Avacado Protein Smoothie
Summery, tropical drinks: Delicious, but also seriously caloric. Get your Pina colada fix with this smoothie, which is extra creamy thanks to Avacado. A double dose of vanilla:in the protein powder and in the almond milk make this one Extra sweet.

10)Raspberry Lemonade Smoothie
While more decadent than most other smoothie recipes,this chilling concoction is Amazing on hot, lazy Summer days. If you want to lighten it up, swap out the sugar for an equal amount of stevia. All we need is a porch and a swing now to enjoy all these delicious Summer Smoothies on, well what are you waiting for go make some Summer Smoothies and leave a review letting me know how yours came out or which ones you choose out of the 10 I posted or if you decided to switch things up and make your own Summer Smoothie, from these recipes?

You can find All of these Summer Smoothie 10 recipes/ingredient on and I’ve attached separate links for each summer Smoothie recipe, they’re all great for people trying to loose weight, or even just tone up for the summer or simply just Healthy lifestyle choice you’ve made for you and your Family. There’s one even in here for Kids, which is super good way to get “Healthy” into your kids nutrition/diet without them even knowing it(for those parents out there that have trouble getting their kids to eat veggies and fruits, this might be a way for you to get them to start liking them), it’s worth a shot. As far as you trying it, it’s a Must! Because they’re all so delicious, I’m picky and I liked them all so that’s something, enjoy and I welcome everyone’s feedback., all the other websites I listed as each recipe was written about, below them you should be able to click on them.


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